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Evangelos (Vaggelis) mainly specialises in the 50, 100, 200m back and 50m fly, but is always willing to test his skills in other events as well.
2022-2023: Vaggelis came 3rd in the 200m back at the High School National Championship, and came 2nd in the Juniors Final of the Acropolis meet (International Meet in Athens). He also participated at Junior Nationals in the 200m back and got 6th place overall.
Vaggelis came 5th in the 50m back during Winter Junior Nationals and won 3 more medals in other regional meets.
2020-2021: It was a really hard season for everyone because of Covid-19, but Vaggelis managed to improve his PB’s in all his events.
2019-2020: Vaggelis improved his PB’s in the 50, 100, 200 meters backstroke and throughout the whole season he added 4 medals to his collection.


Like all our Swimmers, Evaggelos has been included in our Aquanex™ Program of Swimming Technique and Power Analysis and Improvement. Recording files and analysis reviews are available upon request.


Vaggelis was born in Athens, Greece and currently lives in a suburb called Argiroupoli. He started swimming when he was about 5 years old, and his inspiration was his dad who was also a swimmer when he was younger. He hasn’t stopped racing since he started and is basically in love with the sport. Despite the difficulties he faced with COVID19 he managed to not stop practicing and kept going because of how obsessed he is with the sport and the goals he set. He is currently trying to be the best at what he’s doing and excel both in the pool and the classroom.


BE – 200m Back – Lane 3

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