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Exhibits a strong passion for the sport, displaying unwavering focus, enthusiasm, and a relentless drive to win every match. Maintains a cool and composed demeanor, demonstrating a remarkable ability to stay level-headed under pressure. A true team player, consistently putting the team’s success first. Dedication to the game is evident in her disciplined approach and relentless work ethic, inspiring her teammates to strive for excellence alongside her.

  • In 2024, her team won the Age Group National Championship and have been promoted from C to B Category of National Teams. Lydia, of course, played a major role in this success as she was a top contributor in her team’s defence.


2023-Present: Thriamvos W.F.C
-Womens Group as basic CB

2019-2023: Nees Atromitou W.F.C
-Womens Group as basic CB
-U16 Group as basic CB


Lydia was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where is currently living with her family. Her father Giannis is an entrepreneur, and her mother Ntina is a nurse. Lydia also has an older sister, Vasiliki, who was previously a student-athlete at University of Arkansas Little Rock and currently works as an analyst in Little Rock.
Lydia excels both on the field and in her studies, showcasing her dedication as both an exceptional athlete and a high-achieving student. She has received multiple academic honors from her High School and is always at the top of her class (>3.8 GPA).

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